August 27, 2018: Buck Buchanan - First and Thirty

Buck Buchanan, a resident of Marietta, GA, is a writer. His first book, First and Thirty, is centered on a High School football team in the South during the 1970 season. His presentation features how a business man became a writer, the story behind the story, and the book’s highlights. He will entertain the audience with his energy level and sense of humor.

First and Thirtywill bring back memories of those few high school years. Some people loved those years, some hated them, and some don’t even think about them. But in 1970, the Dynamo football team overcame adversity making it an unforgettable season. Surrounded by racial unrest in the south, the Dynamos worked together to give the school a spirited boost. First and Thirty follows the team through the year as they are led by their inspirational coach, Bobby Davis. As the football schedule progressed, teammates played their hardest week after week. The season climaxes with the final game against their oldest rival.

First and Thirty is a football book but it also is a book about high school life. Romances bloom, friendships grow, and foolishness is plentiful. Well, some things never change.

Carlton “Buck” Buchanan was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He graduated from Chattanooga High School. In 1976 he received a BS Degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. After graduation, he moved to Atlanta and began a business career that spanned 40 years.

On the social side, he has served as a deacon and elder in the Presbyterian Church and is a member of Rotary International. He was a certified high school coach and coached baseball for several years. He enjoys sports and traveling. Buck is married to his high school sweetheart and they have three children and four grandchildren.

Posted by Bill White
August 28, 2018


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