June 13, 2022 Rona Simmons WWII: The Stories You Only Thought You Knew

Rona Simmons is an Atlanta-area based writer and author of historical fiction and nonfiction, concentrating on the first half of the twentieth century and the Second World War. “The sweep of events, from the First World War to the Great Depression, to World War II, had a momentous impact on our lives,” she says, “and is a period we can still almost reach with our fingertips.” Her most recent book, A Gathering of Men, was released on February 8, 2022, by Koehler Books. The work combines her passion for history and like her earlier work, The Other Veterans of World War II, presents a unique perspective on the war. Simmons's stories, articles, and interviews have appeared in regional and national literary journals and in online and print magazines and newspapers.


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