February 10, 2020 Karly Branan Domestic Violence

Karly Branan is a mother, soon to be wife, artist and homemaker. Born true to our beautiful peach state her roots run deep as a Georgia girl. Her three greatest achievements in life are her children ages 2, 11 & 13. She finds joy in nature, loves music, and her greatest escape is a blank canvas with a paintbrush in hand allowing her the freedom to dive into thoughts of new beginnings, support healing, and the ability to be the artist of her own life through creative expression.

She is a college graduate of an art institute in Atlanta with a degree in fashion merchandising. The big city called her name shortly after, which resulted in a move to New York City for an experience of a lifetime working on Fifth Avenue. She loved the big city life and was thriving to say the least. However, she longed for the closeness of her mom, dad, and two beautiful a midnight train back to Georgia it was. Georgia is and will always be her forever home, where she will raise her children and be the best role model possible by standing up for what’s right. I plan to share my story with hopes of it being the light for someone out there in need. You are never alone!

Posted by Bill White
February 11, 2020


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