Literacy - Emily Lembeck Early Learning Center Books

LITERACY – The Emily Lembeck Early Learning Center is a facility for 4 year-olds in the Marietta City School system to help them get a jump start on school.

The Rotary Club of Marietta Metro, in cooperation with the Ferst Foundation, will provide a book to approximately 137 children every month during the school year. The students will be able to keep the books for their own.In addition, parent training is being held to help parents learn to best utilize the book as a learning tool.

In years past, club members were able to visit the school and read to the children. Also, members of the Rotary Club who are trained healthcare providers performed hearing and vision screenings. Because of COVID, these activities were not possible. It is hope that they can be started again in the fall of 2021.

The Rotary Club also participated in a "Reading is Fun" Fair in Henry Park celebrating literacy with all the preschoolers in Marietta. Each child received a baggie with a Reading Is Fun bracelet, coloring book, crayons, notebook, pencil and bookmarks. The label on the bag had the Rotary emblem, RCMM name, and "We like to read, too!" sticker.

In July, our club provided support tor the teachers enrolling students for the new school year by helping entertain those waiting and their family members as needed.