Civil War Memorial Sponsorship

  • Brad Quinlan is a dedicated historian whose mission has been to honor our fallen heroes from past conflicts, particularly the Civil Way.Hundreds if not thousands of soldiers were put in graves as unknown soldiers.Through years of research, Brad has been able to identify many of these unknown soldiers giving closure to their descendants. In the course of his research, he came across the remains of another unknown soldier who was a part of the Battle of Atlanta.Through forensic science it was determined that this individual was African American.Brad has narrowed his identity down to possibly 5 men.It is his hope that he will soon know the identity of this unknown soldier and the weekend of July 9-13, 2021 will be filled with events to recognize him and lay him to rest.One aspect of that is to show the film, “Glory” at the Strand Theater.The1989 film, starring Matthew Broderick, Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington, was the story of an African American regiment from Massachusetts.It will be shown on Saturday night.Marietta Metro has the opportunity to sponsor the showing of the movie for a cost of $400.00. This is an opportunity to recognize fallen heroes and help reach across any divide between races.